Help Make El Dorado County Great Again!

Bring Back Jobs • Fix The Roads • No New Taxes

Tyler Kuskie for District 2 El Dorado County Supervisor

We will make El Dorado County the best place to start a local business. We will fix the roads. We will fight to end outdated water restrictions. We can do it, and we will do it without raising taxes.
The nation made a clear choice during the last national election to change directions and focus on what makes us great. We in El Dorado County need to continue this path forward.
It’s time to make El Dorado County Great Again.

Bring Back the Jobs!

El Dorado County used to be one of the wealthiest counties in the nation. We are full of natural resources however the state outlawed most of the lumber and mining jobs we used to have. Now everyone lives in El Dorado County, but no one works in El Dorado County.

We need to attract more business to come to here by keeping taxes and regulations low as well as provide economic resources for them to happen. Our local schools have a Future Farmers of America program which means there are lots of skill sets to support the farming industry. We can do this with other industries such as the tech industry as well.

We Need Your Support to Make El Dorado County Great Again!

Fix the Potholes!

Our road problem is a huge mess. Everyday we see more and more potholes, and nothing is being done about it. We have more than enough tax revenue to fix the issues with our roads. We can fix them and not raise taxes.

Part of the reason why our roads are so messed up is because past politicians cut corners and allow roads to be cheaply made. What they fail to understand is that if they buy cheap roads now, they end up costing more over time. As your supervisor I promise to invest in our roads properly without cutting corners.

We Need Your Support to Make El Dorado County Great Again!

Stop Sending Water to Southern California!

El Dorado County has abundant water resources, however we have outdated laws on the books that restrict how much water we can store in our own reservoirs. We need to stop this government over-reach and allow our citizens to store as much water as they see fit.

I will fight the state and existing regulations to ensure our residents can store as much as water as they need. Water storage is a human right and we are being denied that right by being forced to limit our own reservoirs while sending the excess to Southern California.

We Need Your Support to Make El Dorado County Great Again!

Help Us Make El Dorado County Great Again!